Saturday, December 12, 2015

Like every good story

~Saturday Stories~

1. Like every good story
Mine has a beginning.
And we get to know the whos, and the whats,
And the whens, and all that.
And life's just going as it should,
Plain ole life, in other words

Chorus: You are the Writer of my story;
You are the Author Almighy
You know every stroke of the pen,
Every word, every phrase, every turn, every twist.
You. Know. My. Story.

2. And like every good story
Mine has an inciting incident,
A door I pass and can't go back.
And that's Your glory,
And that's the moment
When I realize that
No, I can't be the same anymore.


3. Like every good story
Mine has a middle.
And everything's going great
And I'm going to get to my goal.
And there's people that opposed me,
But we both know that's temporary
I'm gonna get through this oh, oh, oh.


4. Like every good story
Mine has a black moment.
And I'm sure everything's
Gonna crash and go down.
Where is that glory?
Where is that power?
It can't get worse than this, can it?


5. Like every good story
Mine has an ending.
And even if it seems like a sad one
It. Is. Not.
Because the end of my story
Is everlasting life in Your glory
The happily-ever-after multiplied by a million times

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