Saturday, November 14, 2015

Harsh Pink by Melody Carlson

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Reagan: "Even when I saw Geek Girl in school during those first few days less than a week ago, I pretended not to know her. ... The only alternative would've been to set her straight, and that's pretty harsh. Anyway, I think she got the hint. Does that make me a mean girl? No, I reassure myself ... It simply means I'm a survivor."

It's hard to be the new girl. But if you do it delicately enough, if you know just the right way, if you speak or be quiet just when it is needed, you can be in the cool crowd in no time. That's what Reagan did. After making varsity cheerleading and making big progress about being friends with the coolest girl in school, she has finally attained a good place. But then there are people who don't want her around and who will do anything to get her out. And, anyway, why does she feel like such a hypocrite?

Harsh Pink: Color Me Burned tells the story of a girl trying to fit in with the cool crowd. Reagan constantly tries to manipulate the truth and play things her way. She tries to attain a cool status, but the more she tries, the more she feels like a hypocrite. Closer to the end, she gives her life to Jesus. And then the burden on her heart is gone, and she can finally change.

Harsh Pink doesn't have that much about God. Also, there are a couple places where I raised my eyebrows a little. Technically speaking, there is a lot of "telling," without which the story could probably be better. However, it did show how much God can help us through our problems.

A story of trying to fit in and finding out that that is not the biggest treasure, Harsh Pink can capture your attention.

This is the 12th book in the True Colors series. The rest are Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely, Deep Green: Color Me Jealous, Torch Red: Color Me Torn, Pitch Black: Color Me Lost, Burnt Orange: Color Me Wasted, Fool's Gold: Color Me Consumed, Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred, Bitter Rose: Color Me Crushed, Faded Denim: Color Me TrappedBright Purple: Color Me Confused, and Moon White: Color Me Enchanted.

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