Saturday, October 17, 2015

Worth the Time by Laura Jackson

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Lindsey: "I’ll figure a way out; I always do."

Required volunteering is one of the last things Lindsey wants to do. But then a certain guy catches her eye. A certain guy who won't even look at her. This is new. And that's not the only new thing because now, at almost eighteen, Lindsey gets to meet her dad for the very first time. What is he doesn't like her? And, really, is being vulnerable, honest, real, and without the mask worth it?

Worth the Time tells the tale of a typical "mean girl" changing. We get to see Lindsey's backstory, her hurt, and her fear of being rejected. Slowly, she opens up to others and to God. The book has two main settings in it, which gives it new layers and is nice. I'd have really liked it, though, if her newfound dad wasn't so "perfect." However, Laura Jackson did a great job at having faith integrated in the story.

This is the second in the Waltham Academy series. The first is Worth the Wait.

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