Saturday, July 4, 2015

Am I too late?

~Saturday Stories~

Tessa Emily Hall has writing prompts regularly. Here's one I did a long time ago:

"Come as soon as you can," the doctor urges. I sit up in bed and clutch the phone. "Yeah. I'll be there. Give me twenty minutes." "I don't know if I can." I hang up and dash for the bathroom. After a quick splash of water on my face, I put my hair into a high ponytail. It's five in the morning. As I pull on my clothes I consider what the doctor said. Surely this can't be happening. I run down the stairs and into the garage. Diving into the driver's seat of my Prius, I realize I forgot the keys in my room. I rush back, grab them, and dart downstairs again.  I slide into the seat and turn the ignition. God, please help me get there on time! The streets are almost empty and I speed as fast as I dare to. Thank You. Thank You, God. Pulling into the parking lot, I picture my brother as I remember him best: leaning forward in his seat at church, eyes sparking, mouth smiling, laughing. I race into the hospital and jog up the stairs to the second floor. I open his door. "Am I too late?"

What do you think of the prompt? When was a time you were really hurrying somewhere? Have you lost someone dear to you? 

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