Monday, June 8, 2015


~Monday Movies & Music~

Courageous is an awesome Christian movie my family has watched numerous times. 

Adam Mitchell is a cop, trying to balance his job and his family. And then his daughter dies. Adam searches for answers in the Bible, trying to learn what God wants of him as a father. He and his friends commit, before God, to be leaders of their family. But the road is anything but easy...

Courageous is a beautiful movie that blends faith with action and tears with laughter. One minute you can be dying from laughter and then in the next tears will creep into your eyes. The truths about God and the Bible seem to be everywhere. 

One great scene from the movie is when Nathan, Adam's friend, shares the gospel. The way he shares it is stark, clear, and completely ruins the "good deeds vs. bad deeds" theory. 

How about you? What's a great Christian movie you have seen?

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