Saturday, April 18, 2015

Heart to Heart by Sandra Byrd

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Tess: Great. Even Marcia had friends, someone to sit with. After finishing her burger, Tess placed her tray on the dish return. She took her paperback outside with her and sat alone. Fifth grade all over again.

Tess Thomas just started sixth grade. It's going to be the perfect year now that she has a best friend. Or does she?

Wanting to look good for her first time at youth group, Tess "borrows" her mom's earrings. Okay, so maybe she should have asked, but it can't be that bad, right? Until she loses them...

Heart to Heart holds two stories of a sixth-grader Tess, who struggles with problems many tween girls face. What should one do when the girl who promised to be friends forever turns your back on you? Is it okay to hurt others, but then make it up later? Can you earn forgiveness?

Sandra Byrd weaves lessons of faith into Tess's life. By the end of the second story, Tess has given her life to God. At times it felt like the scenes were too "ordinary" and didn't contribute to the story much. However, this is still a book that can propel tweens and young teens to live out their faith.

This is the first volume in the Secret Sisters series. The others are Accidental Angel, Double Dare, Backdoor Bridesmaid, Camp Cowgirl, and Picture Perfect. Each contains two stories.

For more on Sandra Byrd, visit her website and Facebook page.

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