Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move by Nancy Rue

 I've recently read a great book by Nancy Rue - Tournaments,Cocoa and One Wrong Move. It was an amazing story. Here's a review of it.

 Typical Cassidy- "See , I think that's a weird question. I think the question should be 'Why doesn't EVERYBODY want to win? Why would you want to put yourself out there without wanting to be the best?"

 Basketball. It’s her passion. It’s her love. It’s the only time she doesn't feel scared of anything. And it all goes down with one fall…
 Cassidy Brewster, whose love and skill for basketball seem immeasurable, feels lost when a fall on the court leaves her knee swelling to three times its size. Will she ever be able to play again? And when a med student offers her supplements in secret should she take them?

 Cassidy certainly is “real” in this third book of the Real Life series. Her perfectionism and longing to be the best are something many girls can relate to. But as she is rid of the thing she loves most Cassidy learns lessons she couldn't have learned always being the star.

 I certainly recommend this book to all girls who think they have to be "perfect" (I'm there too). God loves us all just the way we are. :)

For more on Nancy Rue, visit her website and facebook page

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